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Oakland Carpet Cleaning - Your Choice in Oakland Carpet Care

Most people know that regular Oakland carpet cleaning is vital to carpet care. This entails having your carpet deep cleaned by certified professionals on a regular basis. Carpeting manufacturers and carpet fiber produers recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned at least once every two years and more often if the carpet gets heavy foot traffic and if there are smokers, small children and/or pets in the home or office building.

Why hire a professional Oakland Carpet Cleaning company? Can't I do it myself?
The problem with renting a carpet shampooer and cleaning your carpets yourself is that some of the chemicals used for rented carpet shampooers can be hazardous to your lungs, can irritate skin and can cause athmatic or allergic reactions. Professional Oakland Carpet Cleaning service technicians are equipped to handle dangerous cleaning agents. They are equipped with masks, gloves and other industrial grade safety equipment. They are also specifically trained on how to properly handle these potentially dangerous cleaning agents. Professionals also have the necessary equipment to properly dry your carpeting after it's cleaned. Problems that can result from the carpet not being properly dried can includ ruined padding, ruined flooring, stained problems and mold infestation. Not to mention the bacteria that will fluorish in your damp carpets. Is this worth the possible short-term cost savings?

There are a lot of Oakland carpet cleaning companies. Which should I choose?

  • Choose an Oakland Carpet Cleaning company that has Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
  • Make sure the Oakland Carpet Cleaning company you choose uses safe, non-toxic cleaning chemicals that are safe around you, elderly people, small children pets and houseplants.
  • Choose an Oakland Carpet Cleaning company that uses the method of cleaning that carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend most - hot water extraction.
  • Choose an Oakland Carpe Cleaning company that will readily disclose what cleaning agents will use and discuss the benefits and dangers (if any).
  • Do not choose a company that quotes you over the phone, or by the room rather than square foot, rather than coming to give you an estimate after inspecting your home.
  • Be wary of companies that solicit by canvassing your neighborhood.
  • Try to obtain recommendations for an Oakland Carpet Cleaning company. But, if you can't get any recommendations, ask the Oakland Carpet Cleaning company to provide references. This can save you a lot of pain and headache in the long run.
Oakland Carpet Cleaning

Oakland Carpet Cleaning uses low moisture hot water extraction. This method has all the benefits of the recommended hot water extraction, but uses much less water. This helps protect the environment by producing less wastewater, and your carpets dry faster--in a matter of a few hours instead of up to 2 days. We are happy to provide references, and we charge by the square foot--not by the room. Our technicians will readily tell you what cleaning agents they use to clean your carpeting and the benefits and dangers (if any). We know that no two jobs are the same. Carpeting is made of different materials, and what cleaning agents we use depends on what kind of carpeting you have and what kinds of spots we will be removing. When it's time to get your carpets professionally deep cleaned, give Oakland Carpet Cleaning a call at (510) 550-1160. And, don't forget to ask our technician to apply our DuPont Teflon® carpet protector to keep dirt and stains from setting deep into your carpet fiber and ruining it.

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